About Us

We are an Egyptian company that was born out of the Need to find easy, accountable, car fixing services. The company has found multiple ways to intricately combat all the challenges car owners and workshops face, by eliminating these challenges with transparency and education to create a harmonious transaction. Automechanic connects car owners in Cairo with mechanic services and workshops in their locality, with a list of prices and services, and locations available at the touch of a button. Car owners are given the option for car maintenance, fixing, car washing, winch service, mobile service cars, and spare parts. Women in Egypt no longer need to rely on male family members to fix their cars’ needs. This app is designed to empower the car owner (whoever they may be) to acknowledge and fix all their car's needs alone.

Automechanic has designed a reliable, trusted, and hustle- free platform, taking integrity, trust, professionalism, and quality as our priority. In order to empower car owners with the needed knowledge and tools to maintain their car value, functionality, and reliability over the longest period possible. Along with empowering service providers to offer the ultimate user experience, so they can acquire and maintain new and returning customers.

Our Vision We vow to save lives, time, and money, by making car care easy for everyone across Egypt and the Middle East. We aim to restructure and improve the car after-sale market in Egypt and build a more sustainable, trustworthy, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly automotive ecosystem and umbrella.


Easy & Friendly

The app was perfectly designed and developed based on an extensive research to give the user the most convenient Experience



All registered service providers have been carefully chosen and reviewed by our professionals and based on real customer reviews



Transparent listing of Quality, Prices and Service delivery time


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We are always available to guide and support you at anytime

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